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The Glitta Gossip - Issue 3

How sunglasses work:

The key thing to look for in a pair of sunglasses is protection from UV rays (ultraviolet radiation). They carry some of the most harmful effects of the sun – if eyes are not protected, it can result in short and long term ocular degeneration. Luckily, the quality of the lenses and ability to protect does not affect the price greatly. Experts recommend to look for sunglasses labelled as UV400 (as opposed to EU recognised sunglasses where the maximum requirement is only a wavelength of 380nm). You can be rest assured with Glitta Glo glasses, the protection is UV400. Protection from the suns rays is something Glitta Glo are passionate about – providing you with eyewear that is both safe and fun.

Something to note is that darker lenses do not automatically offer more protection. The only way to test protection from the sun is to have them tested by a qualified optician.

Top Sunglasses Do’s and Don’t’s 

Don’t look directly into the sun – Large framed sunglasses provide superior protection from the sun’s harmful rays. This is due to the fact they give the eyes a larger sphere of protection.

Don’t wear your sunglasses inside (unless they are Glitta Glo’s – then you can wear them anytime)

Don’t wear your sunglasses at night (unless they are Glitta Glo’s – there are no rules!)

Don’t wear your sunglasses so close to your face – rest them just below the bridge of your nose. They always look better this way.

Don’t be afraid to try something bold – eyewear is about experimentation and having a fun accessory.

Do have lots of different fun pairs of glasses, you never know when the perfect occasion might pop up.

Do be open to trying new shape glasses – don’t restrict yourself to one style you think suits best.

The Glitta Gossip - Issue 2 

Which sunglasses suit my face? 

Sunglasses make all the difference to your appearance; these tips will help you to find the right shape/style for your face. After all, eyes are the window to your soul so it’s important to frame them properly.

First you need to work out what face shape you have, broadly speaking there are 4 different shapes:

Your frames should not be higher than the line of your eyebrows, while the lower edge should not sit on your cheeks, even when you smile.

Colour is critical and, just like clothes or jewellery, eyewear should complement your skin tone or eye colour.

Grace Woodward, style ambassador at Specsavers says: ‘Tortoiseshell and bright colours look fantastic against darker skin tones. Silver and black frames work well with darker skin and eyes but can also make a big statement with lighter skin tones. Soft browns look fabulous with paler skin tones, as do burgundy or pink frames; while blues, greens and purples can really highlight blue eyes.’

The science behind which glasses suit your face is important to take into consideration, but personally, I think if you put a pair on and you love them, wear those and use them to block out the haterz.

The Glitta Gossip - Issue 1 

Who Discovered Sunglasses?

Early sunglasses served a specific purpose that surprisingly wasn't to block sun rays. Originally, Chinese judges wore smoke-coloured quartz lenses so that they could hide their eye expressions in court. Only in the 20th Century were modern style sunglasses invented. 

In 1929, Sam Foster, founder of the Foster Grant company sold the first pair of Foster Grant sunglasses on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, NJ. By 1930, sunglasses were the height of fashion. With World War II, Ray Ban designed anti-glare aviator style sunglasses, using polarized lens technology that were aimed at helping pilots who were issued with the glasses at no charge! 

The 60's and 70's fashion saw a rise in sunglasses brands - modern women and men began to discover the allure in wearing sunglasses - whether they protected from the sun or not! 

Check out a pair of Glitta Glo's, whether you want to block the sun or not, we have plenty of options!